Battery Replacement

Most batteries are replaced while you wait. If the watch needs to be resealed and pressure tested, we send it to our offsite watch repair department.

Band / Strap Repair

We carry a full line of replacement watch straps and bracelets. We also have access to a large selection of factory band parts, including clasps, links, end pieces, and buckles.

Crystal Replacement

The front part of the watch is usually made of glass or plastic. This is called the watch crystal. Watch crystals can break or crack from impact or perhaps by dropping the watch on a hard surface. Most crystals are available to replace as an original. Nothing detracts more from an elegant timepiece than a damaged or broken crystal. We can help restore the full value and beauty of any watch for a fraction of the cost of a new timepiece. We can select from our stock of hundreds of thousands of the highest quality finished crystals, or we can cut crystals to fit virtually any watch, modern or vintage.

Tune Up

We recommend a tune-up service when your battery needs replacement to keep your watch functioning well and to keep the watch and bracelet clean.

Automatic Movement Service

Mechanical watch movements (meaning automatic or watches needing to be wound daily) require a different level of maintenance. Because these watches have hundreds of moving parts inside, they require lubrication to ensure optimum performance and minimal friction and wear on the movement.

Complete Overhaul

An overhaul consists of completely taking apart the movement, then ultrasonically cleaning and re-oiling it. Also, we time the movement and ultrasonically clean and polish the casing and bands. Lastly, the watch is re-assembled and re-timed. Most watch companies suggest that you send your mechanical watch in for general servicing and a movement overhaul every 4 to 5 years. This is a safe and conservative way to think about preserving your investment in a fine timepiece. In the last 10 years, several advancements in movements, assembly and lubrication have made the need for service even more infrequent. If you don’t get your watch wet and it is continuing to keep good time, you can often go 1 to 3 years longer.