Everyone has favorite pieces of jewelry – your wedding band, that bracelet you wear every day, a necklace with special significance. Constant wear on jewelry, though, can create some issues. Maybe a stone has fallen out,  perhaps your band is wearing thin, or your necklace clasp is no longer working. These issues are easily solved in our full-service jewelry repair department. Rest assured that your jewelry will be handled with utmost care.

It is also important to remember that jewelry looks its best when sparkling clean. Too many people wear jewelry every day without thinking about cleaning it.

So bring your jewelry in to Bianca’s, where it can be cleaned by a professional. You’ll be amazed at the difference. Your diamonds will sparkle again, your gold will glow, and your Platinum will shine. Give us a call; we can do it all!

Diamond Care

Diamonds are extremely hard and resistant to damage. However, everyday wear can take a toll on your diamonds. Ordinary wear, including the use of hand lotions and hair care products and simple household work, can all cause buildup that can leave a hazy film on your diamond. This buildup will eventually cause your brilliant and gorgeous diamond to appear dull. To keep your diamonds looking their best, they require the proper attention and care.

Here are some pointers on how to keep your diamond ring looking as great as it did the day you received it.

Cleaning and Security
Everyday activity can cause the setting of your diamond to loosen. We suggest removing your engagement ring every evening and visually inspecting it for any bent or loosened prongs. It is important to visit a professional jeweler every six months to a year to have your mounting checked and tightened. During this time, the jeweler can also clean and polish your engagement ring setting to look brand new.

Home Care
To maintain the brilliance of your diamond at home, a dipping solution can be made by using one part ammonia and six parts water. Try scrubbing your diamond gently with a soft brush to loosen dirt. Avoid brushing the metal itself, as this may cause it to scratch.

Storing Your Ring
Though diamonds are the hardest substance known to man and extremely scratch resistant, another diamond can scratch it. It is important to store your jewelry separate from one another, most preferably in a fabric-lined case or box with dividers.